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Custom Printed Surfboards for Promotional Marketing

Promote your company with our quality custom printed surfboards, excellent for surf related events, competitions, giveaways and all promotional event displays or simply to display

your brand on walls of shops, malls & boardrooms.

Our graphics are printed with the latest Dye Sublimation Technology to ensure the best colour fastness and to accurately display your company branding.

We print on our own specialized fabric to ensure no delamination occurs and also to keep the weight of the graphic to a minimum for best surf-ability.


For the most economical price including freighting we have choosen our Pro Board shortboard design range for easy handling freight wise and also for your promotional team to carry around and install for displaying.

All boards are finished with Epoxy Resin either Gloss or Matt finish, we use FCS Finn boxes and are signed by Jeff Alexander the Shaper and designer of the Surfboards.


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